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3 Dec


Ethiopians have long since known Lalibela as one of their most holy cities, because of the architectural wonders resulting from the efforts of Saint Gebre -Mesquel Lalibela, who was one of the king   of the Zagwe Dynasty. He ruled Ethiopia about 800 years ago and there are many charming and fascinating stories related to this highly revered middle ages King.  His major works are the world renowned monolithic rock hewn Churches, and it is a standard part of tourists’ trip itinerary.  Closely ranked in popularity is the YemrehanaKrestos Church which was built in a large ‘northeast-facing cave’ and has church decorations and murals, which have aroused immense curiosity and wonder of both visitor and scholar alike for centuries.

Activities in Lalibela

  • Unforgettable trekking with professionals: Trekking Around Lalibela
  • mekia medahnialem
  • Genete maryam. Nearly 28 k.m from lalibela.
  • asheten maryam Monastery . the first church of st,king lalibela on the top of the hills of asheten.

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