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3 Dec


Our unique full service restaurant services Ethiopian and Continental food. The menu offers tasty and nutritious dishes prepared by a team of 20 years experienced   food experts led by our highly experienced chef.  Our restaurant prides itself on providing quality food in a clean and delightful atmosphere. Our guests’ comfort and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to provide the best quality possible and are always looking for improvements. Our talented chef uses the finest ingredients available to prepare all of our food, and every bartender and server is dedicated to providing swift service with high quality.

Ethiopian traditional food as well as a variety of international dishes are available at all times and are prepared by a highly-trained staff. You find everything you need that mentioned in our menu . Guests can enjoy meals inside our roomy restaurant or choose to eat outside on our garden  terrace .

After dinner, relax and enjoy a wide selection of drinks from the main bar and marvel at the landscapes surrounding the hotel. Every night we have a small bonfire on our restaurant and offer a complimentary coffee ceremony and ‘tej’, Ethiopia’s famous honey-wine. The coffee ceremony is one of Ethiopia’s proudest traditions and we encourage all guests to participate.

The inspiration for our restaurant stems from local traditions steeped in history and reverence; namely, hospitality. Guests will quickly learn that the people of Lalibela take traditions seriously, and when it comes to playing host, our commitment cannot be underestimated. Because of this, we have decided that breakfast will be complimentary for all of our guests!

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